Creative and Film Director.

I'm a multi-skilled director and creative currently working with brands and major international talents to create dynamic, engaging & meaningful content.

Recent work with brands include ad campaigns, digital and interactive content for:E.ON, British Airways, M&S, HSBC, M&S Bank, Talk Talk.

I am proud of quickly creating and producing stories with clear narrative, which look beautiful.

I have experience at all stages of the creative process, from conception to realisation. I work with an extensive variety of digital content; from photography to film.

Specialties: Directing, Creative Ideas, Strategy, New Technology, Mobile App Content & Design, Photography.

In my spare time I'm one part of an award winning director duo with Jennifer Sheridan. This year we won the Best London filmmakers' award at the WIFF for our film 'Catch'; as well as an Award of Merit from the Accolaid Festival. Our new film 'Match' is entering festivals early next year.

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